Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About Alternative Med: hCG Diet, Eleuthero,Vitamin D and Weight Loss

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From Cathy Wong, your Guide to Alternative Med
This week, find out about the hCG diet, learn about the herb eleuthero, sometimes called Siberian ginseng, find out about the connection between vitamin D and weight loss, and learn about remedies to banish belly fat.

The hCG Diet
Get the facts on the hCG diet, a weight-loss program said to trim away up to two pounds per day... read more
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An herb long used to boost the body's stress defense, Siberian ginseng may also offer natural cold relief... read more

Vitamin D and Weight Loss
Taking vitamin D supplements may help you slim down... read more

Reduce Belly Fat Naturally
Natural remedies show promise for fighting belly fat, a risk factor for major health problems like heart disease and cancer...read more


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