Monday, June 13, 2011

About Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin Resistance

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From Elizabeth Woolley, your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes
Insulin resistance usually develops well before type 2 diabetes is diagnosed. Do you know what insulin resistance is?

About Insulin Resistance
Insulin resistance is one of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and ultimately type 2 diabetes. But what is insulin resistance? How do you know you have it? Well, that's the hard part. Insulin resistance very often doesn't have any symptoms. It's possible to be insulin resistant and not know it.

Insulin Resistance Diet Book Review
The Insulin Resistance Diet is a diet plan and book by Cheryle R. Hart, M.D. and Mary Kay Grossman, R.D. They explain what insulin resistance is and how to eat to conquer it. They used this plan for many years to help hundreds of people lose weight at a Washington weight loss clinic where they ran a Wellness Workshop and had a 95% success rate. This is one of the best-selling diabetes diet books.

Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
You may have heard the phrase "metabolic syndrome" and wondered exactly what it is. It is used to describe a cluster of symptoms that can help doctors pinpoint who is at risk for serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.

Deciphering A Food Label for Diabetes Info
Sugar contributes to the carbohydrate content of foods. While some foods are naturally concentrated in sugars, others have sugar added during the manufacturing process. Though it won't be possible to see these added sugars in teaspoons when it has been added to a product during manufacturing, the Nutrition Facts Label can help to identify added sugars.


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