Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About Depression: Better Sleep Lowers Depression

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From Nancy Schimelpfening, your Guide to Depression

Better Sleep Lowers Depression
According to a news release from the American Academy of Sleep, people who get six to nine hours of sleep have a better reported quality of life and are less likely to be depressed... Read more

Nervousness, Nausea With Zoloft
Q. "This will be my third night on Zoloft. The doctor told me to take 25 mg for 2 weeks at night and then take 50 for 2 more weeks. I have felt like I could throw up at any moment. Is this to be expected? I've also felt a little nervous and I'm thinking I'm supposed to feel less nervous."... Read more

Depression Before Bariatric Surgery Doesn't Stop Weight Loss
Depression and anxiety prior to bariatric surgery don't seem to interfere with subsequent weight loss or improvement in obesity-related conditions, according to a new study of over 25,000 patients... Read more

Questions You Need to Ask
Opening a dialogue with your doctor is an important first step in getting your depression properly treated... Read more


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