Monday, June 27, 2011

About Heartburn / GERD: Top GERD Treatments

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From Sharon Gillson, your Guide to Heartburn / GERD

Top GERD Treatments - Dietary Changes
For many individuals, certain foods cause heartburn. For this reason, many physicians will suggest changes in diet as a first step in their patient's GERD treatment. Use these links to get started on your dietary changes. Read more

Top GERD Treatments - Lifestyle Modifications
One of the first steps, along with dietary changes, doctors advise their patients to do when treating chronic heartburn is to make lifestyle changes. Lifestyle modifications can help control heartburn. Here are tips on for dealing with heartburn in different aspects of your life. Read more

Top GERD Treatments - Fundoplication Surgery
Fundoplication is the standard surgical treatment for GERD. The purpose of the surgery is to reduce heartburn caused by acid reflux. For more information, check out the following resources. Read more

Heartburn: Frequently Asked Questions
How common is heartburn? What increases your chance of having heartburn? Is there a way to prevent it? Get the answers to these and other questions about heartburn. Read more


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