Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About Sexuality: Does Empathy Make Us Orgasmic?

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
Does who we are determine how we have sex, or does the sex we have change who we are? It's a philosophical question that we aren't challenged to think about enough by the media or even public scientific discourse around sexuality. But researchers determined to bring at least some talk of sexual pleasure to the world of sexual health research, have published a study that invites all of us to ask this very basic question: what allows us to experience and enjoy sexual pleasure. ~ Cory

Does Empathy Make Us Orgasmic?
A paper published this month in the Journal of Adolescent Health turns our attention to a much under researched area of sexual health; pleasure. The researchers dug into data from a nationally representative sample to see if there's a relationship between our ability to empathize with others and the regularity with which we experience orgasm and enjoy giving or receiving oral sex.
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Sex Question of the Week: Sex Work, Desire, and Alzheimer's
"I've been married for forty years, my wife now has Alzheimer's disease and no longer wants any form of sexual contact. I feel I need some intimate contact and sex, and wonder what my best course of action should be, to become active again. I fear the health implications of prostitutes. Any guidance would be helpful."My response.

Interview: Sofia Quintero on HomeGirl.TV, Cultural Activism
Sofia Quintero is an author, social entrepreneur, and cultural activist. Her latest project, HomeGirl.TV is a web video series and social network space for homegirls to connect, discuss, and share experiences of everything from gender and race to sexuality and economics. I was drawn in watching the first few episodes and not thinking it was a place for me, I contacted Sofia to find out more about HomeGirl.TV and make sure I knew what a homegirl was in the first place.


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