Thursday, June 16, 2011

About Stress Management: The Basics of Stress Management

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Stress Management

Stress Causes

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How To Manage Stress

From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
As you probably know, stress affects us in many ways. And while many of us have a favorite way to manage stress, or a "go-to technique" that we find ourselves trying in most situations, it really helps to have a multi-layered approach to stress management, in order to hit stress from several angles and build up our resilience. This newsletter brings several different categories of stress relief techniques, to give you choices to build your own plan. Enjoy the rest of your week! -Elizabeth

5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies
Being able to calm your body's physiology in times of stress is an important first line of defense. If you can calm yourself quickly, you can not only address your stressors from a more centered place, but you can minimize the physical effects of chronic stress. Here are some strategies to quickly calm yourself in times of stress.

Ways To Reduce Stressors
Cutting down on some of the stressors you face is another important strategy for managing stress. This means looking at your life and figuring out what areas of stress can be minimized, and how. Reducing your sources of stress means you have less stress to manage, and can more effectively manage the stressors you do face. Here are some effective ways to reduce stress.
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Ongoing Habits and More
Here are more aspects of a stress relief game plan, including ongoing habits that can help you build your resilience to stress.

Best Stress Relief Tips From Readers
What are your favorite, most effective ways to relieve stress? Share what's worked for you, and see what strategies have been effective for others. Share your tips.


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