Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About Sexuality: TSA Makes the Friendly Skies Friendlier

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
This week an official from the Transportation Safety Administration speaks on travelers with sex toys, readers speak back on traveling with sex toys, and I insert myself in a conversation about public displays of affection. If you're living in a place where the summer solstice brought calm and beautiful weather I hope you're enjoying it. If you are somewhere with more difficult or devastating weather, I hope it passes with ease, and soon. ~ Cory

TSA Makes the Friendly Skies Friendlier
A spokesperson for the transportation safety administration, the guardians of all travel systems in the U.S., spoke up about what is and isn't okay when traveling with sex toys. Read up before your next flight!
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Readers Respond: Sex Toy Travel Tips readers weigh in on the best and worst ways to travel with sex toys.
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Sex Research Shocker: Teens are not Monkeys
In a recent national study of Canadian youth aged 14-17, 45% of teenagers reported that they consider their parents to be their sexuality role models. 32% turned to friends, and only 15% looked to celebrities for sexual role models.

Negotiating Public Displays of Affection
If ever there was an example of how the same action can carry very different meaning for two people, public displays of affection (affectionately known as PDA) is it. What can seem awkward or painful for one person can be light and fun for the other, what might be no big deal to your partner might be a sign of everything that is right (or wrong) with your relationship, to you. Here are some tips on how to negotiate PDA with love and understanding.


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