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About Allergies: Surviving Thanksgiving Day Allergies

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From Daniel More, MD, your Guide to Allergies
Later this week, many of us will travel to see family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. This will cause us to be staying in different environments that could expose us to all sorts of different allergic triggers. From hidden food allergens in the turkey stuffing, to Aunt Edna's pet cat, and from Uncle Ed's cigars to Grandma's dusty spare bedroom, your allergies could be in for more than you bargained for this Thanksgiving. Learn how to avoid these various allergens and irritants so you can truly be thankful this holiday season.

How to Deal with Aunt Edna's Cat
Many people have pets in their home that they are allergic to. There are many effective ways to control allergy symptoms without having to part ways with your best friend. Avoidance techniques allow many people to keep their pets, even inside of the home.
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Survive Uncle Ed's Cigar Smoke
People who experience nasal symptoms after being exposed to strong odors, weather and temperature changes, and cigarette smoke have vasomotor rhinitis, a form of non-allergic rhinitis. People with vasomotor rhinitis are often treated as if they have allergies, but their symptoms don't get better with typical allergy medications, such as antihistamines. This is because histamine is not causing the symptoms.

Stay in Grandma's Spare Bedroom Without Sneezing
Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in our bedding, pillows and mattresses and eat human dead skin flakes and synthetic materials. Many people can be allergic to dust mite droppings. Luckily, dust mite allergens are typically not airborne; these allergens are heavy and fall to the bed, floor and furniture. People with allergy to dust mites notice late night and early morning allergic rhinitis symptoms, after inhaling the dust mite particles over several hours. Since dust mites live year-round, the allergy is not typically a seasonal problem.


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