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About Panic Disorder: Causes of Panic Disorder and Anxiety

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Panic Disorder

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From Katharina Star, your Guide to Panic Disorder
There are many different perspectives concerning the causes of panic disorder. However, the exact causes of anxiety-related conditions remain unknown. Most mental health professionals would agree that panic disorder is a complex illness caused by multiple factors. Here you will find more in-depth information about the most current views on the causes of panic disorder.

What Causes Panic Disorder?
There are several common theories developed to explain what causes panic disorder. These perspectives consider the environmental, biological and genetic influences on the development of mental health disorders. Found here is an overview of the various theories concerning the causes of panic disorder.

Biological Theories of Panic Disorder
The biological theory of panic disorder suggests that symptoms are caused by imbalances in the chemical messengers in the brain. Known as neurotransmitters, these chemical messengers play an important role in anxiety-related conditions. Find out what research has shown about the biological causes of panic disorder.
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The Fight or Flight Theory of Panic Disorder
The fight or flight response refers to a person's natural response to stress. When faced with threatening situations, humans and animals are programmed to either fight the threat off or flee from it. For people with panic disorder, this response may be trigged without any actual cause. Here you will learn about the fight or flight response and its role in panic disorder and anxiety.

Do Your Thoughts Cause Panic Disorder?
Can the way you think lead to symptoms of panic and anxiety? According to cognitive theories of panic disorder, habitual negative thinking can contribute to excessive worry and fear. Learn about common negative thinking patterns and ways to overcome them.


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