Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About Cholesterol: Easy Tips to Keep Your Diet Heart-Healthy

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From Jennifer Moll, your Guide to Cholesterol
Watching your diet is an important way to keep your cholesterol levels in check. Unfortunately, you can get stuck in a rut every once in a while, causing you to either eat the same foods or turn to unhealthy foods. This newsletter will give you some delicious food ideas and recipes that will help keep your heart healthy.

Quick and Easy Low-Fat Meals
Who said that following a cholesterol-lowering diet was time consuming? If you're having difficulty finding time to prepare healthy meals, try one of these delicious recipes. Not only are they low in fat -- they also do not take a lot of time to prepare.

Five Ways to Prepare Spinach
There are many ways to implement spinach into your cholesterol-lowering diet, whether you are consuming them in a small appetizer or as part of a healthy meal. If you are looking for ways to add spinach to your diet, try some of these cholesterol-friendly recipes for your next meal.

Ways to Prepare a Healthy, Low-Cholesterol Soup
These easy tips for preparing your next soup on a cold, wintery day will create the perfect soup that will satisfy your tastebuds -- without causing a huge dent in your cholesterol.

Ways to Make Your Traditional Favorites Heart-Healthy
When you began your cholesterol-lowering diet, did you give up some of your traditional -- but fatty -- favorite foods? If so, you won't need to mourn the loss of your favorite foods anymore. Try these easy tips that will keep your traditional favorites healthy.


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