Monday, November 28, 2011

About Stress Management: Cyber Monday and Holiday Stress Relief

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Because the holiday season has officially begun, and Black Friday has given way to Cyber Monday, shopping stress relief is in order! While Black Friday stress consists of battling sleep deprivation and other shoppers to get the best deals, Cyber Monday (an immensely less stressful experience) only brings stress of deciding which gifts are worthy of purchase. Why not give gifts that relieve stress? This newsletter brings stress relief gift ideas (and links), as well as resources for preventing the holiday season from becoming the Season of Stress. Find more this week on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Cyber Monday! --Elizabeth

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Stress Relief
What are the most-asked-for stress-relieving gifts? What are the most dreaded? Get ideas for holiday gifts here, and give gifts that can not only show you care, but that can help with stress relief throughout the year!
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Holiday Stress Relief: What You Can Do Now
If you are vowing that you will NOT let this holiday season become a stress-inducing month of craziness that obscures the real joys of the holiday season, here are some tips you'll want to see!

Readers' Tips For Holiday Gifts
Have you ever found a gift idea that really works wonderfully, and just wanted to share it? Or have you been inspired by a good friend and found a solution you may not have found on your own? Here are the best gift ideas from readers...get inspired, or share your own!

Poll: Are The Holidays Stressful For You?
How Stressful Is The Holiday Season For You?


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