Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About Yoga: The Mat

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From Ann Pizer, your Guide to Yoga
How important is your yoga mat? The mat as we know it is a pretty recent invention, and while some advocate dispensing with it altogether, the majority of yoga students remain attached to that little rectangle that defines our space while offering more traction and cushioning than the bare floor. I thought I had tried just about every type of mat out there, so when I heard about a new offering from yoga behemoth Lululemon, I assumed it would be a branded version of a pre-existing product. Read on to see how wrong I was!

Lululemon - The Mat -The Review
The Mat, as it's called, offers a completely different surface than anything else I've tried. After a few practices, I was hooked on its combination of smoothness, softness, and grippiness.

Yoga Mat Comparison Chart
I added The Mat to my comparison chart. See how it stacks up to the competition (Manduka, Jade, Gaiam, Kulae) in terms of weight, thickness, cost, and seven other criteria.
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To Mat or Not to Mat?
Are yoga mats falling of of favor, as the New York Times suggested last year? I can't say that this trend has really caught on in my area. Are you willing to go matless? Vote in our poll.

Pose of the Week - Marichyasana I
Marichyasana is a funny combination of poses: paschimottanasa (seated forward bend) on one leg and malasana (deep squat) on the other. Put it all together with a bind and you've got a lot going on. Practicing the two previously mentioned poses is good preparation.
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