Wednesday, November 30, 2011

About Sexuality: Screwed and Not Screwed

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
This Saturday, December 3, is recognized as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. These officially designated days, and the politics behind them, are not simple. In fact there isn't a lot about Disability that is simple, one of the reasons there's so much depth and beauty in it. There are lots of ways that being disabled in the world makes life harder, and some of those are similar to how being a member of other "marginal" groups makes life harder. I've heard more than one disabled person point out that one of the differences is that disability is a group any of us can find themselves in. If we live long enough we'll all be part of that group. Which is only one of the reasons why sex and disability is a topic that's relevant to everyone. For me another reason is that most of the important things I learned about sex, I learned from Disability (the title of the book I want to write someday). So whether you think it's relevant or not, I encourage you this week to unburden yourself of some of the pity you carry around for others and see if you can't find yourself at least a little bit in these virtual pages. It's not that we're all the same, except in some ways we are. ~ Cory

Sexual and Sexy Role Models
What makes someone sexy? What's the difference between a positive sexual representation and a negative or exploitative one? And where do you start when almost every representation you find of people who are supposed to be like you denies that you're sexual at all? I went looking for positive sexual representations, and here's an ever growing list of what I found.

Screwed Because I'm Not: The Ultimate Sexual Barrier
The worst barriers are the ones you don't even know are there. You spend weeks, years, a lifetime struggling up and over them, not even realizing that if there weren't so many of us propping them up, they would erode and crumble away. Some of us are wasting our energy trying to get over them, the rest of us are wasting our energy keeping them standing. If we all started chipping away together the possibilities that can emerge are amazing, and think of how much sex we could have with all that spare time and energy.
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When it Comes to Sex, Are Your Sins Invalid?

Confrontational and Hilarious: Sovereign Erotics Interview
A multi-platform interview with the editors of a new collection of queer Native two-spirit literature.
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