Wednesday, November 23, 2011

About Sexuality: Sovereign Erotics

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
A new collection of two-spirit writing was released last week and it's one of the best anthologies of writing about and around sexuality and gender that I've read in a long, long time. Many people won't know what the term two-spirit refers to. I learned it only five or six years ago. And as one of the editors of the collection told me in an interview (which will be published later in the week and included in next week's newsletter) it's a slippery term, one that doesn't offer a lot of easy answers. In this way many of the pieces and the collection as a whole, represents something essentially human and true about both sexuality and gender. It's painful, it's funny, and it's infinitely diverse in its expression. ~ Cory

Sovereign Erotics
An outstanding collection of two-spirit literature, twenty-eight writers contribute over sixty pieces of prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. I usually give sex toys for the holidays but this year everyone's getting a copy of Sovereign Erotics.

Black Friday Sex Toy Deals
Take a stand against chain stores that force staff to come into work on holidays and put both workers and customers in danger with their $5 flat screen TVs. All these sex toy deals can be found online and are offered by small businesses that are at least trying to minimize the harm their money making ventures contribute to.
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Pumpkin Pie and Sexual Arousal
If your holiday dinner has always turned you on just a little more than you thought it should, scent researchers may have an explanation.
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