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About Panic Disorder: Panic Disorder and Your Relationships

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Panic Disorder

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From Katharina Star, your Guide to Panic Disorder
Panic disorder and agoraphobia can impact both your personal and professional relationships. Your struggle with fear, worry, and anxiety can put a strain on your social connections. However, it is possible to build and maintain healthy relationships while living with panic disorder.

Panic and Relationships
Panic disorder can negatively impact all of your relationships. From dating to getting along with coworkers, this article provides an overview of how to cope with panic disorder and different types of relationships. Here you will find further resources and information on how to manage your condition while developing and maintaing your social connections.

Panic Disorder and the Workplace
Panic disorder, panic attacks, and agoraphobia can be especially challenging to deal with while at work. You may find it difficult to hide your panic and anxiety symptoms from you co-workers. You may also worry about how others will perceive you if they knew about your condition. Here you will find information on how to cope with panic disorder while on the job.

Dating Anxiety
Dating can be especially difficult when you are dealing with an anxiety-related condition. Some people with panic disorder feel so worried about their panic and anxiety that they decline dates and miss out on potential relationships. Don't let your symptoms get in the way of finding a romantic partner. Find out how to manage panic disorder and reduce dating anxiety.

Panic Disorder and Loneliness
Panic disorder can complicate our relationships and potentially lead to overwhelming feelings of loneliness. At times it can feel like others don't understand your struggle with panic and anxiety. You may avoid many social situations out of shame or fear of having panic attacks in public. Loneliness is a common experience for people with panic disorder. However, there are way overcome these feelings. Learn some tips on how to cope with loneliness.


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