Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About Breast Cancer: Farewell Evelyn Lauder, Pink Ribbon Co-Creator

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
On Monday night this week, the Empire State Building was lit up in pink to honor Evelyn Lauder. If you've ever worn a pink ribbon, she has influenced you. And she has left behind a research foundation that has benefited many breast cancer patients.

Evelyn Lauder, Pink Ribbon Co-Creator, Dead at 75
Evelyn H. Lauder
Evelyn H. Lauder
Photo © Getty Images/Mark Von Holden
1992, Evelyn Lauder and Alexandra Penney began giving away pink ribbons and breast self-exam cards. Ever since then, those ribbons have shown up everywhere. But she did so much more than just pass out trinkets and sell cosmetics. A breast cancer survivor herself, she decided to do something about finding a cure.

Smoke Out a Bad Habit This Thursday
November 17 is the 36th Great American Smokeout. If you or someone you care about uses tobacco, this is the day to crush it out. Smoking can raise your risk for many health problems, only one of which is breast cancer. Nicotine appears to be really bad for women's health, because it affects your hormone levels. Get help to stop smoking - you'll be glad when you start experiencing the benefits!

A Few Drinks Leads to Higher Breast Cancer Risk
The holiday season is just about here, and parties are in the making! You may be offered some tempting libations - but try to stick to the non-alcoholic brews. That way, you keep your risk of cancer low, your wits clear, and your health in good shape. Which could lead to being able to celebrate many more holidays in years to come!

Lifestyle Choices and Therapies to Lower Your Risk
Here are at least 11 ways you can use to lower your risk of developing breast cancer. It comes down to a series of choices - from the food you eat to the how you use your body - many things are in your control. Pick one or two off the list and start making yourself a healthier person!
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