Thursday, June 9, 2011

About Stress Management: The Right Words For Stress Relief

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
When it comes to our perceptions of stress, words matter. The words we use to process what we experience--our self talk--really matter. So do the words we use to cheer ourselves up, give ourselves strength, or cope with stress. This newsletter brings resources for examining your self-talk and perspectives, and shifting to empowering thoughts and mottos. I invite you to share your favorite quotes on stress, experiences, and more on the Facebook page About Stress Management, and enjoy the rest of your week! --Elizabeth

Stress Quotes and Stress Management Resources
Stress quotes can inspire, enlighten, or bring a good laugh. The right stress quote can change the way you think about what you're facing. Read more on putting stress quotes to work for stress relief, and find a selection of stress quotes and related resources can provide you with inner strength, new insight, and a smile.

Are You Prone to Optimism or Pessimism? Test Yourself!
Your attributional or explanatory style is what determines whether you're an optimistic or a pessimistic thinker, which imacts your health, longevity, stress level, success, and overall wellbeing. So are you an optimist or a pessimist? Find out by taking the Optimism Quiz!
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Reframing: It's All How You Look At It!
Being able to purposely look at something in a more positive light is a very useful skill to have. Here are the basics on the positive reframe.

Share Your Favorite Stress Quotes!
Are there any quotes that have changed the way you perceive or deal with stress? Here's the perfect place to share them! Your favorite quotes may make a change in someone else's life, and you may find a new quote here that can help lower your stress levels as well.


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