Thursday, June 9, 2011

About Running & Jogging: What's the Best Time of Day to Run?

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What's the Best Time of Day to Run?
Runners have always debated about the best time of day to run, and there are pros and cons to running in the morning, evening, and afternoon. Find out when science says is the best time to run.
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Tips for Running in the Dark
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7 Ways to Sneak in Running Time
Regardless of what the research says, running at ANY time of day is always better than not running at all. Here are some ways to find more time for running.

How to Beat Your Excuses for Not Running
Some days I'll plan to run in the evening, but then something pops up and my running plans get derailed. Then I'll promise myself to run in the morning and I'm just too tired. Sound familiar? Here are some ways to bust through common running excuses.

What's Your Favorite Time of Day to Run?
When do you usually run? Share your reasons why and see why other runners run when they do.
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