Monday, June 6, 2011

About Type 2 Diabetes: Life with Diabetes

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From Elizabeth Woolley, your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes
I started a website in 2001 that focused on community and support for women with diabetes. My members shared that they loved finding a place where they felt they could share their "life with diabetes" rather than feeling like they had "diabetes with a little bit of life thrown in." Today I am sharing links to pages about the diabetes community. I am also including links to newest recipes to help spice things up.

5 Facebook Diabetes Community Pages to Like
Everyone seems to be on Facebook lately. Most know it is a great resource for keeping up with family and friends and vice versa. Did you know Facebook is also a great way to keep you plugged into diabetes happenings, events, programs, news and diabetes communities.

3 Popular Online Diabetes Communities
Here you will find three popular online diabetes communities. In fact, you may run into the same people on all three sites and find your friend lists very similar. It is very easy to get motivated to improve your self-care when you meet others in the same boat-- people with diabetes who are proactive with their treatment.

Diabetes Community Spotlight: TuDiabetes
TuDiabetes is a large and active online diabetes community that has been called "MySpace on insulin" and "Facebook for diabetics."

Practical Everyday Tips for Diabetes
Here are some of my favorite tips for diabetes. These are practical hints that make life with diabetes a little bit easier. Have you discovered ways to make your life with diabetes easier?


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