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About Pregnancy: How many months pregnant am I?

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From Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, your Guide to Pregnancy
Calculating pregnancy can come in many forms. While months isn't great for medical purposes, it certainly has a social purpose.

How many months pregnant am I?
In social situations many people will ask you how many months pregnant you are currently. Here's the easy way to give them an answer.

Stuck On a Name
"When we were pregnant with Irie I loved the name Shiloh for a boy. I knew a boy named Shiloh growing up, a nice quiet boy. Also I read the book Shiloh about the boy beagle dog. Shiloh was originally a masculine name and not until Angelina Jolie named her daughter Shiloh in 2006 did parents start utilizing the same for their daughter, in fact check when it began to hit the SSA list in the top 1000, it was 2007... Why should anyone need to stress over what they name their child? Unless it is really that heinous?"

Questions About Cervical Mucus
"I am wondering if CM is different while nursing?? I have been checking it for the last 2 weeks or so, since Avanelle has been changing her nursing patterns, and it seems like I go from egg white cm one day to thick cm the next, and then I am back at the egg white cm. I took a dollar store hpt this afternoon, but it came up negative. I am just wondering what is going on."

Tubes Tied After Birth
"I don't know a lot about getting my tubes tied, and I know I will have to research it, but I was just wondering if anyone on here is getting their tubes tied after childbirth?"


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