Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About Bipolar Disorder: Avoidance Behavior - Rx Labels - Hate Mail

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From Marcia Purse, your Guide to Bipolar Disorder

Is Avoidance Behavior a Problem for You?
On the About Bipolar Disorder Facebook page, a fan named Laurie asked this question: "I would like to know if anybody else engages in avoidance behavior by not doing things that NEED to be done but instead doing any and every or nothing else. My bedroom has been a mess for 2 months. What's up with that? I have 2 lousy bills to pay. I just don't pay them. Why?"

Many Confused by Prescription Labels - Are You?
Even something seemingly simple like "take two pills by mouth twice daily" can lead to mistakes. Michelle Andrews, writing for MSNBC, mentions a study where nearly half of patients misunderstood common label instructions meant. This is a scary figure. Are you ever confused?
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Hate Mail: "This Bipolar Nonsense"
Recently I got the worst message that's come my way in a long time. This hate mail contained things like, "The so-called manic bipolars are the ones everyone should guard themselves from ... WHY ON EARTH CAN'T A BIPOLAR PERSON MANAGE THEIR ILLNESS BETTER? ... Maybe their are legitimate Bipolar patients..." My initial reaction was an angry ARRRGHH!
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Mental Illness, Lack of Treatment, and Crime
This 2004 article looks at the deplorable conditions regarding the mentally ill in Texas at that time. As we all know, things have only gotten worse. And like the writer above, a Texas appeals judge summed up the situation by saying, "The reason we have so many people on death row is plain and simple: We have a lot of bad people committing capital murders, and we are doing something about it." My research found that they are doing the wrong thing about it.
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