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Diigo Newsletter ~ Feb 21, 2011

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Diigo Weekly ~ Feb 20, 2011
Diigo ~ your digital library on the web continues to get better and better!

As we continue to improve and add new enhancements, we will keep you posted through a series of newsletters.  We hope you will find them helpful. Now let's get started
Diigo for iPad ~ bookmark, read later, add note, save image, even HIGHLIGHT directly on iPad!
Diigo for iPad is now available for download in App Store! It allows you to access and search your Diigo library, and also to add notes/images/links. You can also highlight webpages in your library.  (To highlight webpages in Safari, please see Web Highlighter for iPad.)

Hot! Get your Diigo for iPad now >>
Read Later Fast by Diigo ~ save pages to read later, online or offline & fast on Chrome!
* Have too many tabs open?
* Do not want to clutter your bookmark folders with temporary links?
* Want to be able to read offline or make sure you have an archived version?
* Want to read webpages fast, like a slideshow, and as clean-text?

If you have these pains or needs, then this Chrome app is for you!

Download from Chrome Web Store >>
Quick Note by Diigo ~ the quickest way to take notes in Google Chrome

Quick Note (QN) is a web app that feels  like a full-blown desktop app and can be used offline. Y ou can use it to jot down simple notes,  as well as to clip from webpages as you browse. It's seamlessly synced with your Diigo library, too! Released to the Chrome Web Store a few weeks ago, it has quickly become one of the Top 20 Most Popular Chrome Apps.

Download from Chrome Web Store >>

New! Available in Mac App Store Now >>
(syncing with Diigo coming soon)
Share Your Favorites
Upon popular request , we have just implemented a cool feature for Twitter fans:  "Save Favorite Tweets."  With a 2-step simple setup, you can begin to automatically save your favoirte tweets to your Diigo library on a daily basis. Best of all, cached pages for links in the tweets will also be automatically fetched and saved on Diigo, so you can always access the archived pages.
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