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About Stress Management: Go With The "Flow"

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Positive psychology brings us several great tools to create less stress and more happiness in life. This week, I'm bringing you new strategies for creating "flow" in your life, as well as other positive psychology tools you can use to relieve stress. Share your own best strategies (using link #3), and visit the Facebook Page About Stress Management for more quotes and resources on stress relief. Have a great week! -Elizabeth

Use Flow Psychology For Stress Relief
The principles of flow psychology can help you feel less stressed and more fulfilled in your life. Read more about how "flow" works, and find several fun ways to incorporate it into your life.
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More About Positive Psychology
Positive psychology has other fun and effective ways to make your life more enjoyable and relieve stress at the same time. Read about them--and find something new to try this week--here!
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Reader Recommendations: Hobbies For Stress Relief
One reader recommends: "Why not make cooking a hobby! Most people dread coming home from work and cooking dinner. But, if you scour cookbooks for new recipes, make your grocery shopping trip an adventure by buying ingredients that are new to you, come home and turn on some music, and make cooking fun, it can be a great stress reliever. It won't take up much time either, because it's something you have to do anyway. Try some ethnic dishes you haven't had before to widen your horizons." -Dayiannaki
See more reader-recommended hobbies you can use for stress relief--and add your own!

Quiz: How Happy Are You?
While there's more to happiness than just the absence of stress, many of the areas we focus on in stress management are the same areas in life that, according to recent research, are correlated with overall happiness as well. Additionally, measuring the level of satisfaction and happiness a person has on these 16 areas of life can help measure a person's overall level of happiness. This self test can help you examine those areas of your life, roughly measure your overall happiness level, and find resources for greater levels of happiness.


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