Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About Breast Cancer: Patients May Say Goodbye To Lymphedema

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
Yet another sign that treatment for breast cancer is improving! Patients with early-stage breast cancer can avoid having a large number of lymph nodes removed to be tested for metastasis. A new study show that survival rates are just as good with a sentinel node biopsy.

Breast Cancer Patients May Say Goodbye To Lymphedema
If you've ever had, or seen, arm lymphedema - you know that it is a swelling that can extend from shoulder to fingertips. Lymphedema can persist the rest of a patient's life, causing discomfort and in some cases, disability. But now, for early stage breast cancer, arm lymphedema may become a thing of the past.

Macrobiotic Diet Claims to Prevent and Relieve Cancer
Michio Kushi's quest for world peace ended in a diet that resembles what a pre-industrial Japanese farmer would eat. Simple, whole foods, organically and locally grown. It's called macrobiotics, and when practiced in a balanced way, it a very healthy way to live. Here's my review of the 25th Anniversary edition of this classic book.

Switch To Whole Grains For Better Health
When I was little, Dad and I used to snack on a cereal called Raisin Bran. I thought "Bran" was part of the "brand name" of the popular cereal. Much later, I understood that bran that important dietary benefits. Nowadays, I have switched from white bread and white rice to brown, whole grain products. Our pasta is always whole grain, as is our cereal. Still not convinced that you can enjoy whole grains? Check out the list at the end of my article and see if you can find a popular snack food that fills the bill perfectly!

Fish and Seafood - Dive In To Healthy Eating
So if I haven't convinced you to give up meat and become a vegetarian, or a forager for nuts and berries, be assured that it is still okay to eat fish. Most kinds of fish, that is - some aren't all that healthy. Fish provides you with cancer-fighting omega-3's. This is a fast, easy way to combine your whole foods diet with a tasty main dish! Even a macrobiotic diet can include servings of fish - so you need not feel that you're living in a prison of broccoli and brown rice. Learn about the benefits of low-fat fish in this article.


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