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About Breast Cancer: Healthy Wishes For Your New Year!

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
My wish for each of you is a healthier year in 2012! If I could just put that in a box and wrap it up, I'd send it to you. But good health is something you have to acquire for yourself. So here are some ways to get healthier and lower your risk for breast cancer at the same time.

Start Eating Anticancer Foods
There are a wide variety of foods that you can eat to boost your health. What it boils down to is this: get it fresh when you can; cook veggies quickly, but meat slowly, use whole grains, cut down on fat, sugar, and salt. Spice it with powerful antioxidants and combine complementary herbs and spices. Be picky about what you drink and modest in your portions. Avoid junk and fast food. Now read up to find out some good choices!
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Douse the Fire and Down the Glass
Reduce your risk and add years to your life - now isn't that appealing? Here's two habits to kill off this year: tobacco and alcohol. There are so many great non-alcohoic drinks you can use, and some of them are even good for you! As for smoking, my friends are trying Chantix, nicotine patches, and getting support. Put out the fire and skip the liquor - live longer and healthier.

Exercise to Protect Your Health
Move it, use it, or lose it! Exercise, especially when done on a regular schedule, lowers your risk for many diseases, improves your circulation and your overall health. Exercise helps you drop those extra pounds and start looking and feeling healthier! Learn how much you need to move it, and how that's going to benefit you.

Scale Down to a Healthy Weight
Shedding your extra pounds comes with many benefits. You can reduce sleep apnea, joint pain, breathing problems, and your overall estrogen levels. All the fat, especially in menopausal women, stores excess estrogen - the hormone that fuels 80% of all breast tumors. So get some help with weight loss and feel the healthy difference it makes in your life.
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