Wednesday, December 28, 2011

About Cancer: Abnormal Moles, Unwanted Health Advice, and More

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Types of Cancer A - Z



From Lisa Fayed, your Guide to Cancer
2012 is only a few days away. I cannot believe how this year has flown by! I want to wish everyone a new year filled with happiness and good health! Here's to 2012!

Skin Cancer Photo Gallery
Take a look at this photo gallery to see actual patient photos of skin cancer lesions and abnormal moles.

At one point or another, we have all experienced fatigue. For most of us, it is temporary, usually caused by stress or being overworked. For some people, however, fatigue can become persistent, occurring daily. When fatigue becomes frequent, it is natural to be concerned about what may be causing it. One of the first things many people think may be the culprit for their fatigue is cancer. Is fatigue a symptom of cancer?

Has a Health Scare Made You Change Your Lifestyle?
For many people, it is the diagnosis of disease or learning of being high risk of one that forces the, to change their lifestyle. Has a health scare changed the way you live your life? We want to hear how you have changed your life because of a health scare. Share your story today!

How Much Alcohol Increases Your Cancer Risk?
How much is too much?
See More About:  alcoholism  heart disease  stroke


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