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About Panic Disorder: Achieve Your Goals and Resolutions in 2012

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From Katharina Star, your Guide to Panic Disorder
With the start of 2012 less than a week away, it isn't too soon to start thinking about your goals and resolutions for the new year. Most likely, your resolutions involve aspects of your health, career, and relationships. However, have you ever considered making goals that involve coping with anxiety and panic symptoms? As you face the fresh start of a new year, think about goals and resolutions that involve managing panic disorder and achieving a higher level of personal wellness.

Resolutions and Goals for a Happy New Year
Panic disorder and anxiety can impact your relationships, career, and sense of overall wellness. While making your resolutions this year, consider what goals you may have in regards to coping with panic disorder. Listed here are ideas for you to get started on your resolutions in relation to panic and anxiety.

How to Accomplish Your Goals
New Year's resolutions are great to have, but many of us will fall short of accomplishing these goals. Issues such as poor time management, being unclear about what we want, and trying to achieve too many goals at once, can get in the way of our achievements. Don't let these common issues hold you back this year. Here you will find more information on the typical roadblocks to success and ways to overcome these obstacles.

Procrastination and Anxiety
Does procrastination always seem to get in the way of your goals? It is not uncommon for people with panic and anxiety to also struggle with procrastination issues. Find out why anxiety often leads to procrastination and learn some helpful tips to overcome this common problem.

Physical Exercise for Panic and Anxiety
Better health and fitness is one of the most often sought after goals. Exercise can help you achieve a higher level of physical fitness. Additionally, physical exercise can be beneficial in reducing your panic and anxiety symptoms. Learn more about how exercise can help relieve some of your symptoms and get the basics about starting and maintaining a regular exercise program.


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