Monday, December 19, 2011

About Low Carb Diets: Happy Hanukkah; Merry Christmas

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From Laura Dolson, your Guide to Low Carb Diets
Hanukkah and Christmas overlap this year, which makes it an especially busy time since we celebrate both in our family. Our daughter returned from college yesterday, so we decorated the tree when she got home, and then went to help friends with Hannukah decorations. As always, we surveyed the paper dreidels the girls have been decorating for 15 years -- so much fun to watch their progression. No Friday newsletter this week, but next Monday we start with preparations for New Years celebrations and resolutions. Until then, I wish you joyous holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, Solstice, or any other!) filled with love and wonder. Laura

The Original Latkes Were Low-Carb!
We often think "real latkes" are made with potatoes but did you know that potatoes, being from the New World, weren't prevalent in Europe until about 200 years ago? Bet you can't guess what the original latkes were made from! I've linked to recipes, as well as to my own low-carb latke ideas.

Planning Your Christmas Dinner
Since we were away for Thanksgiving this year, we'll be cooking a low-carb turkey dinner for Christmas. There are lots of other possibilities, though. I have collected some links from around to help you plan your Christmas dinner.

Christmas Breakfast
This links to my page of low-carb muffins and breads, which can help make your Christmas morning special. Why not make some muffins such as Cinnamon Cranberry Muffins, or some Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake? Or cook up a special egg dish? That way your day will get off to a nice low-carb start and there will be less temptation to munch throughout the day.

Low-Carb Travel Guide
Traveling at this time of year can be difficult to predict, with storms swirling everywhere it seems. These possibilities make it all the more important to be ready with our Low-Carb Travel Kits!


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