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Trigger your secret 'super-immunity' against disease...

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14 December 2011

UK Edition

Dear Reader

Every time I turn on the television, listen to the radio, or open a newspaper there's some government minister or doctor telling me that we're all going to live longer.

It's almost like they're taking credit for it!

What they want us to believe is that they're extending our lives thanks to increased government spending on the health service, new advances in medicine, and the continual stream of new drugs concocted by pharmaceutical companies.

However, what they don't tell us is that, unless you do something about it, these extra years are likely to be ones filled with MORE pain, MORE suffering and MORE disease...

Recent research published in the Journal of Gerontology found that in just one single decade (from 1998 to 2006):

    *** The prevalence of cardiovascular disease INCREASED among older men.

    *** Both older men and women showed an INCREASED prevalence of cancer.

    *** Diabetes INCREASED significantly among ALL adult age groups over age 30.

    *** The proportion of the population with MULTIPLE DISEASES also INCREASED.

The researchers also found that a 20-year-old today can expect to live one LESS healthy year over his or her life span than a 20-year-old a decade ago.

But that isn't where it ends...

That same 20-year-old male can expect to spend 5.8 years over the rest of his life without basic mobility, compared to 3.8 years a decade ago — that's an additional two years of being unable to walk up 10 steps or walk a quarter of a mile.

For a 20-year-old female today, it's even worse... she can expect a misery-filled 9.8 years without mobility, compared to 7.3 years a decade ago.

What this means is that we're all getting sicker much younger than ever before in our history.

Fifty years ago, a man or woman in their 30s getting diabetes, heart disease or cancer would have been rare.

But, today, it's all too commonplace.

That's why, looking after your own immune system is so vital...

When your immune system is compromised or weakened, it allows invaders (pathogens) to attack your body, damage cells and speed up the ageing process.

Even seemingly minor infections, like recurrent colds, can cause inflammation which can often lead to more serious, chronic diseases in later life.

Read more here about the easy and inexpensive way to stop this happening to you...

But, a fully primed, cast-iron immune system can ward off disease and infection, and even help slow the ageing process.

For all of us this means the difference between sailing effortlessly into old age, in full possession of your faculties and bodily functions...

..with a razor-sharp mind and the vitality of someone half your age, retaining your independence and your zest for life...

..or merely spiralling into long-term decline, your quality of life dwindling day by day, as you become an ever bigger burden on your family...

Modern medicine's new wonder drugs are clearly failing to deliver cures or freedom from suffering in our later years... all these drugs do is keep us sick.

But, switching your immune system to fully primed in order to prevent disease is quick, easy and cheap – as cheap as 50 pence a day.

So the choice is yours...

Either equip your body with the defences it needs so that you can look forward to an active, disease-free, quality life...

Or spend your later years being entirely dependent on others or worse, prematurely cooped up in a £500 per week residential care home.

I know which I'd choose...

Andrew Miller
Nutrition and Healing

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