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About Type 2 Diabetes: Christmas with Diabetes

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From Elizabeth Woolley, your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes
How did Christmas get here so fast? Need help? Here are some diabetes-friendly recipes and food ideas. As we near the end of 2011, and think of the new possibilities for 2012, think about how a diabetes food diary might help improve your diabetes control.

Rolled Sugar Cookies
Cut-out cookies are the quintessential holiday cookie. When you're watching your intake of fat and carbs, cookies can become a seasonal challenge. These Rolled Sugar Cookies from the American Diabetes Association have half the fat and less sugar than traditional homemade cut-out cookies. Make these for family and friends, and don't forget to have one yourself.

Easy Two-Ingredient Recipe for Dark Chocolate Treats
This is my favorite dish to take to holiday parties and gatherings. This recipe includes three variations of a dark chocolate treat using two ingredients. These are simple, fast and satisfying snacks that can fulfill sweet, salty, fat, crunchy and chocolate cravings.

10 Diabetic Gift Basket Food Ideas
Do you find it a challenge to think of items to put into a gift basket or stocking for someone with diabetes? Here are 10 diabetes-friendly items to consider.

How a Diabetes Food Diary can Help You
A diabetes food diary is a very useful and enlightening tool. I personally tend to look at myself as a science project, learning more about my body and observing how my blood sugar levels are affected by different foods and exercise. Logging food, exercise, and other data allows you to transform seemingly random information into charts and graphs that can open your eyes to what your body is doing and needs.


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