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About Breast Cancer: Survivors Navigate Life After Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
At diagnosis, I lived in tears and stress-induced nausea. Life seemed to be slipping away swiftly, thoughts of treatment were terrifying! But like a New Year, my new life was just over the horizon.

Survivors Navigate Life After Breast Cancer
Survivors unite! We are millions strong and adding to those numbers daily. After treatment, we may return to life as it was before, or we may re-evaluate and re-vamp. We live on after the diagnosis, navigating and creating our own future. Here are some stories of life after cancer, and a chance to share your own story.

10 Best Things To Do During Chemo
I called the infusion room at my clinic the "chemo parlour" and I didn't always like going there. Gradually I discovered it could become a haven for my own private pursuits and amusement. Then I started planning my time there and having something to look forward to! Here's my 10 best ways to pass the time in the big recliner.

Life Lessons From Breast Cancer Survivors
Here are the stories and wisdom from 10 women who made it through the breast cancer journey. They share how this changed them, challenged them, and educated them. Meet these survivors, and then add your Life Lessons to the collection - you may help somebody along their path.

Newly Diagnosed - What You Need to Know Before Starting Treatment
You've gotten your initial diagnosis of breast cancer, but don't know much about what to expect. Here is a roadmap for newly diagnosed patients; full of information about diagnosis, tests, emotions, and the many options you may be offered for surgery and treatment. Educating yourself will help you travel this difficult road with confidence.


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