Friday, December 23, 2011

About Women's Health: Last-Minute & (Somewhat) Healthy Holiday Cookies

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Were you feeling bah humbug, but now find yourself buying last-minute stocking stuffers? We know how that goes. If the baking bug bites you, too -- you're in luck. Here's some easy recipes that are a bit gentler on the waistline than most cookies.

Thumbprint Cookies
These little bites of bliss bake up in only 10 minutes. Adding a festive dollop of jelly -- raspberry or strawberry -- will bring a little holiday color to the table. One cookie = 101 calories.

Chocolate Mint Brownies
Mint and chocolate -- oh yeah. And better yet? When served in brownie form. These rich, creamy brownies clock in at 149 calories. (That's about half of a typical candy bar, by the way).

Low-Carb Chocolate Rum Balls
We realize this sounds like an oxymoron - how can anything containing rum and chocolate be low-carb? It's all in the recipe, friends.

Top 8 Low-Fat Christmas Cookies
If the previous three recipes don't leave you feeling inspired, we've got more for ya here. By the way, happy holidays!


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