Friday, December 9, 2011

About Women's Health: What's Up with the Morning-After Pill?

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This week was bad news for the morning-after pill and women's health -- the head of the U.S. Health and Human Services ruled that it couldn't be sold over-the-counter because it might harm teen girls, even though the FDA panel recommended making it available. It's currently only available to women older than 17, and they have to request it at the pharmacy (but no prescription is required). And it's apparently going to stay that way for the time being.

All About Next Choice (Generic Morning-After Pill)
Contrary to popular belief, the morning-after pill doesn't terminate current pregnancies -- it actually works more like hormonal contraception, but in higher doses.
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How to Use the Morning-After Pill
The most important part of taking the morning-after pill is to take it quickly, so it stops you from getting pregnant.
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Why All the Controversy?
Although the hormones found in morning-after pills are some of the most widely used medicines on the planet (in the form of hormonal contraception, AKA birth control pills), there's still a lot of brouhaha around Plan B. Why?

Have You Experienced Birth Control Failure?
The only foolproof way not to get pregnant is to not have sex. All methods of birth control carry at least some measure of risk that you'll get pregnant. Has this happened to you? What did you do? Discuss with others.


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