Tuesday, January 31, 2012

About Alternative Med: Beta-Glucan, Banaba, Carpal Tunnel, Ganoderma

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From Cathy Wong, your Guide to Alternative Med
This week, get the lowdown on beta-glucan, find out about the supplement banaba, learn about carpal tunnel syndrome remedies, and get the scoop on ganoderma.

Boosting Immunity with Beta-Glucan
A natural substance found in some grains and medicinal mushrooms, beta-glucan may help strengthen your immune system, cut cholesterol, and control diabetes...read more

Fighting Diabetes with Banaba
An herbal remedy rich in antioxidants, banaba may help keep blood sugar in check and control diabetes...read more

Natural Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Find out about natural carpal tunnel syndrome remedies, such as diet, herbs, acupressure, alternative therapies, and more for carpal tunnel relief... read more

Benefits of Ganoderma
Also known as reishi, ganoderma is a bitter mushroom long used to promote health in traditional Chinese medicine. Learn more about ganoderma's immune-boosting benefits, as well as its potential to fight cholesterol and aid in cancer treatment... read more


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  1. So are glucan supplements better than banab? Because I really really like my glucan supplement and I feel like it's helping me be healthy in a lot of different ways and I recommend it to a lot of different people.



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