Thursday, January 26, 2012

About Running & Jogging: Running Nutrition Questions

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From Christine Luff, your Guide to Running & Jogging
Once you get started with running, you quickly realize how much nutrition affects the quality of your runs. What and when you eat can really make or break a workout. I've learned that the hard way, after many running nutrition mistakes. (Fig Newtons are not a good pre-run food, trust me.)

What Should I Eat Before a Run?
It's important to make sure you have enough energy to get through your run. Here's what and when to eat before running. Read more...
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What Are Your Favorite Pre-Run Foods?

What If I Don't Have Time to Eat Before?
Of course, some people (hello, 5 a.m. runners) may not have time to eat and digest before running. Here's what to do if eating before running is not an option. Read more...
Also see: Tips for Morning Running

How Can I Avoid Feeling Hungry?
It's normal to feel hungry when you increase your exercise frequency or intensity. Here are some ways you can avoid feeling hungry, and avoid giving into what I like to call the "post-run hungries". Read more...
Also see: Healthy Snacks for Runners

Why Am I Gaining Weight?
Some runners find that they actually gain weight while training for an endurance race, such as a marathon. What's up with that? Find out how to avoid it. Read more...
Also see: Tips for Healthy Weight Loss
See More About:  weight loss  marathon training  dieting


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