Friday, January 20, 2012

About Women's Health: Considering an IUD?

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The IUD has come a looooooong way since it first debuted as a contraceptive method. These days, the safety record is much improved, leading to many more women using IUDs.

Overview: What Is an IUD?
There are two main types of IUDs, one that contains hormones (like those found in birth control pills) and one that does not. The big advantage to the IUD? You don't have to remember to take a daily pill (or use a weekly patch or a monthly ring), and in the long run, it may save you money.

Mirena Intrauterine Device
Because of added hormones, Mirena reduces the intensity of some of the more annoying aspects of menstruation, which the other type of IUD (see below) can't do.
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ParaGard Intrauterine Device
This relatively simple device contains copper, which, when released in tiny amounts by the IUD -- fascinatingly enough -- acts as a spermicide.

Ever Used an IUD? Share Insertion or Removal Experience
Once the IUD is in place, it's basically birth control you can forget about (though you should check the string placement periodically). Therefore, most women end up discussing what it's like getting the IUD, or having it removed. How did your experience go?


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