Wednesday, January 18, 2012

About Breast Cancer: Are Your Cosmetics Safe?

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
Remember the myth about antiperspirants and breast cancer? The idea was based on a notion that the parabens in antiperspirants and deodorants blocked your pores and that led to cancer. Well, parabens are back in the news again!

Parabens and Breast Cancer Controversy Continues
A new study has just come out on parabens and breast cancer. This commonly-used preservative was found in 99% of all the mastectomy tissues of women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet the researchers say there is no link - yet. You might be amazed to find out just how many products contain parabens!
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Herb Wagner Makes a Movie About Male Breast Cancer
Herb Wagner - a survivor - still wants to increase MBC awareness. He got together with some friends and made a video, complete with two original songs, and submitted it to the Pink Well Challenge. Take a look at Herb's video, which features several other male survivors you can meet on my site. If you like his film, vote for it, and Pink Well might send matching funds for A Man's Pink - a not-for-profit male breast cancer (MBC) advocacy organization.

Antiperspirants, The Pill, and Other Myths
We don't know exactly what causes breast cancer. But we do know some things that don't cause it! Here are 10 commonly-asked question about everyday things affecting your risk for breast cancer. Dr William Gradishar puts us straight on the facts.
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Breast Cancer Quiz: Myth or Fact
Test your knowledge - can you sort out the facts from the myths surrounding breast cancer? Choose from 5 levels of difficulty, and click away! At the end, you'll get a score. Don't worry - I'll never see your results - this is just for fun (and education).


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