Monday, January 23, 2012

About Low Carb Diets: Paula Deen; Chinese Food

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From Laura Dolson, your Guide to Low Carb Diets
How could one person getting diabetes cause everyone from Travel Channel chef Anthony Bourdain to dietician Marion Nestle to say nasty things? Apparently if you're Paula Deen, who some call the Queen of Southern Cooking on the Food Channel, that's the case. Also, low-carbing in Sweden, a low-carb Chinese New Year, and more! Have a happy, healthy week! Laura

Weighing In on the Paula Deen Ruckus
In my opinion, there are at least two tragedies here -- a missed opportunity by Deen, and the spreading of commonly-held but false beliefs about diet and diabetes.

Is Sweden Leading Other Countries to Give up Carbs?
I love this -- it's essentially the story of how one woman started a low-carb revolution in Sweden, and how it is spreading. One of the things I'm really getting a kick out of is that since I posted this story late Thursday there have been such great comments on my blog: a discussion among some Swedish folks as to the true influence of "LCHF" (low-carb high-fat) in Sweden, and people joining in from Malta, Norway, and Denmark!

Happy Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year begins today, and many Chinese restaurants are presenting special dishes. Unfortunately, we have to watch out for sugar and starch in Chinese food. I have some guidelines to follow, and some recipes for easy Chinese food to make at home linked at the bottom.

Yogurt on a Low-Carb Diet
Did you know that yogurt is one food where the carbs on the label might actually be HIGHER than what's in the carton? The ins and outs of the carbs in yogurt, and some tips for removing even more.
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