Monday, January 23, 2012

About Weight Loss: Let's Talk About Food Cravings

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From Malia Frey, your Guide to Weight Loss
Sometimes, the hardest part of sticking to a diet is managing your cravings. So what do you do when your favorite food is calling your name? Paula Deen's diabetes diagnosis may have some people thinking twice about what they eat. But others might need friendly support, solid motivational techniques, or better genes to keep them on track.

Paula Deen's Diabetes: Will It Change the Way You Eat?

friedchickenPaula Deen's s diabetes diagnosis won't change her cooking style. The Food Network star, known for her high fat, indulgent recipes, told the Today show's Al Roker that she will... Read more

If You Love Fatty Foods, Your Genes May Be To Blame

popcornDo you crave fatty foods? Your genes may be to blame. Scientists have uncovered a specific gene in obese individuals that may create increased...Read more

Learn Secrets of Motivation to Achieve Weight-Loss Success

weightlosssuccessAre you motivated to lose weight? Many people believe that motivation is a magical quality that some people have and some people don't. But there are secrets to motivation that anyone can learn. Read more

Need Weight Loss Support? Get it Here

supportOne of the greatest predictors of adherence to an exercise program or diet is social support.  People who have weight loss support are more likely to stay motivated and stay... Read more


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