Monday, January 30, 2012

About Stress Management: Surround Yourself With Serenity

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Getting some of the stress out of your life can hinge on what you add to your life--be it an exercise habit, a soothing haven for relaxation, or a stress relief technique that feels like it's made for you. This newsletter brings all of these things to you, so you can envelop yourself with serenity. Enjoy your last few days of January! --Elizabeth P.S. For more stress relief tips, inspirational quotes, and resources to share, visit our Facebook Page About Stress (and be sure to "like" it so the posts will appear in your news feed), and follow me on Twitter.

Surround Yourself With Serenity
Creating a peaceful place for yourself in the world can bring you continued stress relief, and is much easier than you may think. Learn more about the benefits of creating a peaceful space, and find out how to do this, starting today.

Quick Tip: A Little Exercise Goes A Long Way...
If you're wanting to use exercise as a stress reliever, but think you don't have enough time to invest in this activity to make it worthwhile, think again. While regular exercise can be wonderfully effective for building resilience, even a little exercise can go a long way toward stress relief.

Individualized Stress Relief for Better Health
How can you relieve stress in your life in ways that work for you? Here are the basics on which types of stress to avoid (and which to embrace!), which techniques to try, and what resources from this site can help the most.

Use The Stress Reliever Personality Quiz Tool
If you're looking for stress relievers that fit your personality, these 10 questions (or fewer, if you choose) can help you to find stress relief techniques that fit well for you!


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