Monday, January 16, 2012

About Stress Management: Celebrate "Get Organized" Month: Here's How!

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
January, perhaps conveniently, is National "Get Organized" Month, and celebrating it can lead to significant stress relief. With a little more organization in our homes, our schedules, and even our inboxes, we can cut out our "tolerations," cut out a significant number of energy drains, and reserve our time for what really matters to us in life! Celebrate Getting Organized by getting more organized in--or cutting one superfluous thing out of--at least one area of your life. This newsletter brings resources to do this, and you can find more help via Facebook (be sure to click "Like") and Twitter. Enjoy your week! -Elizabeth

Now Is The Time To Get Organized!
How can you get organized, and why should you? Here's a little more on Get Organized Month, with resources on organizing different areas of your taxes, your home office, and more.

Organize Your Life By Cutting The Lifestyle Clutter
Life coaches often help their clients cut out their "tolerations"--those time and energy drains we put up with in our lives that end up stressing us and draining us of motivation and energy we need for areas of our lives that really matter. Here's some free life coach advice on how to identify your tolerations and start eliminating them now!

The Toll Of Clutter and How To Get Organized

Unhealthy Habits To Leave Behind
While you're uncluttering your life, you may want to work on cutting out some bad habits as well. These 5 common bad habits are things we tend to do when we're stressed. The problem is that they often cause us more stress than the initial stress we were trying to eliminate! Here are some habits to avoid, and tips on how to avoid them.


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