Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About Alternative Med: African Mango for Weight Loss, Agaricus, and more

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From Cathy Wong, your Guide to Alternative Med
This week, get the lowdown on african mango, find out about the supplement agaricus, get the scoop on schisandra, and learn about remedies for canker sores.

Fighting Fat with African Mango
The fiber-rich seeds of the African mango tree may help prevent fat buildup and protect against obesity...read more

Advancing Health with Agaricus
A medicinal mushroom long used in folk medicine, agaricus may help fight diabetes and strengthen your immune system... read more

Remedies for Canker Sores
Get the scoop on natural remedies for canker sores... read more
See More About:  canker sores  chamomile  vitamin b12

Soothing Stress With Schisandra
An herb long used in traditional Chinese medicine, schisandra may help build your body's resistance to the harsh effects of stress... read more


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