Tuesday, February 28, 2012

About Yoga: Warrior Sequence

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From Ann Pizer, your Guide to Yoga
If you're looking for a quick, invigorating sequence of standing poses, focus on the five warrior poses. Though you may be familiar with these poses, there is a lot of subtle detail you can bring to the alignment while also strengthening your legs and core and working on forward bending and back bending.

Warrior Poses Sequence
Customize the intensity of this sequence by deciding ahead of time how many breaths you want hold each pose. You can also include some sun salutations to make a longer session.

Build a Sequence
Ideas for how to combine short sequences to fit your body and schedule, including warm-up and flow routines.

Moon Salutation Video
There are many sequences in different yoga traditions that go by the name moon salutation. This one is a variation on the classic sun salutation, but with the addition of a little back bending and balancing.

Pose of the Week - Staff Pose - Dandasana
The alignment points for staff pose are pretty straight-forward, as everything is stacking vertically, while allowing for the natural curves of the spine. If you're not sure how this feels, it helps to sway your upper body a little bit forward, then a little bit back in order to find out what it feels like to go too far in either direction. The position of the arms does sometimes cause confusion, but as long as your shoulders are away from the ears, you're doing fine.

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