Wednesday, February 15, 2012

About Sexuality: Adult Films Glory Years

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From Cory Silverberg, your Guide to Sexuality
One letter missing and this week's newsletter theme could still make sense, only I'd be reviewing a different book. This one is about the good times, or at least the times when people had to think for more than a few minutes before filming other people having sex. Barbara Nitke starting shooting promotion stills on porn sets over 30 years ago, and her next book, American Ecstasy, documents much of what she saw in front and behind the camera. I sat down with her to talk more about the project, and share my conversation with her this week, with you! ~ Cory

Documenting Porn's Better Days - An Interview with Barbara N
An interview with photographer and free speech advocate Barbara Nitke about her new collection documenting New York porn sets in the 70s and 80s.
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How Real Is Porn Sex?
How come you never see a Hollywood actor go to the bathroom? And why are porn stars always so ready and willing to have anal sex? Learn to spot the differences between the kind of sex most of us have and the kind of sex that professionals have.
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I Wish I Wanted to Have Sex with My Husband
I'm married to a wonderful man. He loves me and gives me everything I need, much more than I have had in any previous relationship. But there are problems sexually and I'm no longer physically attracted to him. He is disabled and can't get into most of the sexual positions that I want, he is also overweight, and has a condition where his skin is very raw and difficult to touch. I know there are other ways to have sex, and he suggests we modify things but the problem is that I have had past experiences which were so satisfying and now when I even see pictures of those positions I feel frustrated. I am very sexual and I worry that I will have an affair which I don't want to do. But I also can't stand the thought of breaking up with him over this, as it isn't his fault.


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