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From Ann Pizer, your Guide to Yoga
When I first started doing yoga, I never expected to get as wrapped up in it as I did. I ran out of my office (much to my boss's chagrin) promptly at 6:01 on the days I took classes after work. I began to turn down social engagements rather than miss class. In short, I was hooked. I hope you will find this happens to you too, and if it does, here are some ways to share the love.

Become a Yoga Teacher
Teaching yoga is most definitely a labor of love. If you've been wondering how one becomes a yoga teacher, all your info is right here. For inspiration, plus realistic views about making a living as a yoga teacher, be sure to check out the personal stories of teachers who gave up their days jobs.
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Yoga for the Whole Family
Who better to share what you love than the people you love? Here is info on yoga for kids and babies, partners and grandmas.
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What's Your Favorite Yoga Pose?
I hear that when we all get enlightened, we'll be able to experience each asana in the same cool, detached way. Doing a handstand will be exactly the same as sitting in half lotus. But until that day comes, it's only natural to have a favorite yoga pose, that one that just gets what needs to be worked in exactly the right way. Share your favorite pose here- you can even include a picture!
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Pose of the Week - Side Crow - Parsva Bakasana
I've always liked doing the basic version of side crow where you are resting your body weight on both arms, but I've never quite been able to nail the alignment of the more advanced version where all your weight is on one arm. It had been a long time since I had tried it though, so when it came up in one of my classes last week, I went ahead and gave it a whirl. I was completely surprised when all of a sudden it made complete sense to my body and came together almost effortlessly. I just love that even after a decade of this practice, there is still ample room for growth and exploration. Yoga, you never get boring.

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