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About Breast Cancer: Mind Over Menopause Symptoms

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
Chemo sent me into menopause as if I were a human cannonball. From feeling like a fairly fit 40-something, I started feeling like the Dowager Queen of Hot-Flash Land. If only I could have wished it all away ...

Mind Over Menopause Symptoms - Not Just Wishful Thinking!
It's amazing what your mind can do. Breast cancer patients who took part in a program on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy were able to minimize their menopausal symptoms without any drugs! Six months later, they were still doing well. Now that's using your head!

Top 10 Ways To Cope With Hot Flashes
Those of us who had estrogen-sensitive breast cancer know that we can't take hormone replacement therapy for our menopausal symptoms. Along with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, we can do some simple things to get rid of hot flashes. Here are 10 practical things you can do to get relief.
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Breast Pain Seldom Means Breast Cancer
Poet Susan Deborah King described the breast as "the softest, sweetest piece" of herself. When that soft, lovely breast is in pain, it suddenly feels not so sweet. You'll be glad to know that breast pain isn't usually a signal of breast cancer. But when it happens, it's good to know what breast pain might be, and how to deal with it.
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Chemopause: Medical Menopause
If you're not on the way to menopause when you're diagnosed with breast cancer, chemo can take you there quickly. I call it Chemopause, and it can be temporary. That's good and bad: good because your fertility may return, bad because you can have menopause twice!
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