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About Stress Management: Try Something New, Make Yourself Happy

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your Guide to Stress Management
Because this is a Leap Year, in a few days, we get to enjoy an extra day--February 29th--which only comes once every four years! This provides us with an opportunity to reflect on how an extra day may be best spent, and how to get more enjoyment out of life (while better managing the stress we encounter, of course). The following articles can help you make the most of you Leap Day, and every day of the year! --Elizabeth P.S. Join us on Facebook and Twitter, and have a great week!!

Enjoy "Leap Day"--And Every Day--By Taking A Leap!
One of my favorite t.v. comedies suggests that we celebrate "Leap Day" by taking advantage of the extra day, by taking a leap and trying something new--something you wouldn't normally do. Here are the ways this plan can help you to relieve stress as well--and why you don't need to wait for Leap Day every four years to make it work for you!
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Get More Weekend In Your Week
There's a reason we don't say "TGIM," and chances are, you're never more aware of it than on Monday morning. Learn what researchers know about "the weekend effect," and see what you can do to get more weekend in your week.

How A Bucket List Can Help You
What is a bucket list, and how can it help with stress relief? Here's what you need to know, with a link to the various types of bucket lists you can create.
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Happiness Research
Sometimes what feels good for you is good for you. Other times, it's harder to know what will feel good or be good for us. Fortunately, this research sheds some light on concrete strategies to bring more happiness into your life.


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