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About Yoga: Best Sites for Online Yoga Videos

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From Ann Pizer, your Guide to Yoga
Access to a online library of yoga videos is a pretty great resource for those times when you can't make it to a class. I particularly enjoy the newish breed of videos that are shot in yoga studios during real, live classes, but if you prefer your videos with Rodney Yee on the beach in Hawaii, you can get that online too.

Online Yoga Videos
Many people like the option to do yoga at home with a video when it's not convenient to go to a class. But even a great yoga DVD can start to feel boring after repeated viewings, leading to a lack of motivation to roll out your mat and press play. Getting your yoga videos online can significantly expand your options, allowing you to change things up whenever you feel like it. Here is a rundown of the best free and subscription-based websites, with the costs and offerings all laid out for you.
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Tips for Starting a Home Practice
Starting a yoga home practice can be challenging- it's a big leap from attending led yoga classes to developing your own practice at home. How do you stay motivated and come up with sequences? How can you use videos or audio classes? Get lots of home practice tips here.

Yoga Video Reviews
Wondering what to expect from top yoga videos from Mandy Ingber, Trudie Styler, Shiva Rea, and Jivamukti? Review our reviews before you buy!
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Pose of the Week - Reverse Warrior
One of the pitfalls of reverse warrior is avoiding putting a lot of pressure in your back hand as it rests on your leg. Though doing so may allow you to deepen your backbend, keeping a lighter touch integrates the core muscles and is safer for your back knee. A nice variation is to wrap the back arm behind your back, reaching around for the opposite hip.


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