Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About Breast Cancer: Marines of Camp LeJeune Still Fighting Cancer

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From Pam Stephan, your Guide to Breast Cancer
I've often wondered what caused my cancer, since I had no family history and few risk factors. Could it have been in my environment? Marines from Camp LeJeune are pretty sure that 30 years of toxic water caused an unusually large cancer cluster on base. They've found another way to draw attention to their cause.

Marines of Camp Lejeune Make A Movie
It didn't win an Oscar, but it has won at least 6 film festival awards. It doesn't have any stars, or actors - just real people who really suffered. The Marines have made a documentary film about their cancer on base, and they are still seeking justice.

Mike Partain, Marine and Male Breast Cancer Survivor
Mike Partain was born at Camp LeJeuene during the critical years that the water was polluted. He was born with health issues, which he eventually overcame. Then in 2007, his wife noticed a lump in his breast. He's pretty sure where that cancer came from.

How To Detoxify Your Personal Environment
Hopefully, the water you use daily is clean. But toxins can creep in from other sources. Invest in your health by detoxifying your personal environment. Here's a dozen easy ways to detoxify your environment and reduce your risk for cancer.

Support and Resources - During and After Treatment
Support strategies for you during and after treatment. Read about support groups, their benefits and drawbacks. Learn about getting help at home, and advice for family and friends.


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