Monday, February 13, 2012

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From Malia Frey, your Guide to Weight Loss

Choose Wisely: Your Valentine's Date Could Affect Your Diet

valentines dayWho you choose to be your date for a Valentine's Day dinner could affect your diet. Find out who you should choose and how to stay on track when eating in a restaurant. Read more

Weight Loss on Facebook and Twitter

facebookIf you are looking for more tips and advice about weight loss, check out the new Weight Loss page on Facebook or follow Weight Loss on Twitter. You'll... Read more

Plate Size Diet Myth Debunked

dinnerplateDoes your plate size really matter when you are trying to control how much you eat? A new study investigated the truth behind the common assumption that using a smaller plate might help your diet. Read more

3 Giant Snack Mistakes

snacksLooking for healthy snacks to help you stick to your diet? You'll want to avoid making one of these three mistakes. Read more


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